Investment Advisor Marketing: A Pathway to Growing Your Firm and Building Your Brand - Scott Hanson and Pat McClain

Investment Advisor Marketing

Most financial advisors understand the basics of investment advising and retirement planning. But what many independent investment advisors fail to understand is just how all that expertise can go to waste unless the practical aspects of advising are supported by effective marketing. It’s pretty simple: You need clients to grow your business and be successful!

Long-time business partners Scott Hanson and Pat McClain provide an A–Z guidebook compiled from over two decades of marketing expertise, all dispensed in a concise, direct, accessible voice. They provide page after page of practical marketing knowledge gained from their experience in founding, building, and promoting several successful companies. Hanson and McClain tell you what they’ve done, how they’ve done it, and what you should do to successfully market yourself and your firm.

Topics include marketing for beginners, radio for any budget, common mistakes to avoid, how to identify and crack a true niche market, effective and accessible analytics—how to determine if your marketing efforts are working—brand building, the value of inexpensive community involvement, and much more!

This book is a no-holds-barred educational revelation for the foundation of any investment advisory practice: marketing. Buy Now

Momentum: A Strategic Guide to Success for Real Estate Agents and Brokers - Brent Gove

Momentum by Brent Gove

THE book for THIS market. For over a decade Brent Gove, host of KFBK’s The Real Estate Report, has been one of the top agents in America. An innovative trainer and a dynamic speaker, whether you are interested in building a team of agents or accumulating 50 new clients in a single afternoon, Momentum is a veritable how-to guide for long term success in the competitive world of residential real estate. Buy Now